Sunday, August 8, 2010

1990 - 2000 - The X-Men

The X-Men: Cyclops (Scott Summers); Phoenix (Jean Grey-Summers); Storm (Ororo Munroe); Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett); Colossus (Piotr Rasputin); Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner); Shadowcat (Katherine "Kitty" Pryde); Rogue (Anna Marie); Gambit (Remy LeBeau); Marrow (Sarah Rushman); and Professor X (Charles Xavier)

1999 - Uncanny X-Men

After Xavier disbanded the X-Men, Scott decided to keep the team going. Ororo was set with the task of recruiting more members, while Scott and Jean went to find out why Xavier did what he did.

Over in England, Brian Braddock aka Captain Britain of Excalibur, finally married his long-time love, the shapeshifter Meggan. After this, the team was disbanded. Old X-Men members Kitty, Kurt, and Piotr decided to join Ororo and find out what was going on with Xavier.

Jean Grey-Summers finally got her psychic powers back, and was able to tap into the infinite levels of power she was able to do when the Phoenix force took over her consciousness all those years ago. After years of abandoning the codename Marvel Girl, she decided to re-adopt the name Phoenix, and started to wear her old costume. While this concerned her teammates, mostly the original X-Men, they could do nothing as this was her choice.

Cyclops and Jean managed to call upon old members and allies like Bobby, Hank, Warren, Alex, Lorna, Shiro, Sean, Erik, Betsy, Forge, Nathan, and Dr. Cecelia Reyes, as well as Nate Grey - the son of Scott and Jean from the Age of Apocalypse timeline.

They also managed to discover what Xavier had done - he disbanded the X-Men because he had discovered that one of them had been a traitor. It was Logan - he had been brainwashed into serving Apocalypse as his Horseman of Death, much like Warren had been.

Apocalypse was trying to round up a group of mutants known as the Twelve - a set of mutants who were phrophesized to save mutantkind. However, they were all deceived. It was all a plan to gather the world's powerful mutants to make Apocalypse an invincible force. He had started the rumours of the Twelve himself a long time ago. However, another powerful force also knew the identity of the Twelve - Rachel Summers, the long-lost daughter of Marvel Girl and Cyclops.

After switching places in the timestream with Captain Britain in Excalibur, she wound up in a future ruled by Apocalypse. In her future, she became the Mother Askani that saved Nathan Summers from Apocalypse in the past, and trained him to be the ultimate weapon against him. Before she died and sent Cable into the past to join the present day X-Men, she told him the names of the Twelve for just this moment.

Cable managed to stop Apocalypse, but to fully destroy him, he needed to sacrifice his own life to do so. Scott, however, had already had to lose his son twice before - to the Goblyn Queen and Mother Askani. Instead, he switched places with Cable and merged with Apcalypse himself, killing them both.

The X-Men could not deal with having their long-time leader suddenly killed in front of them. Warren, Betsy, Bobby, and Hank rejoined the X-Men, as did Nathan Summers. Lorna decided to leave for Genosha to keep an eye on her father Magneto. Havok tried to keep X-Factor together and fight for what Scott had devoted his life too, but, was lost into the world known as Mutant X. Moonstar from X-Force joined the school with Forge as well, as did Cecelia Reyes.

Xavier called all of his X-Men back to the mansion, and established the team once again.