Friday, April 9, 2010

Late-90s - The X-Men

The X-Men: Cyclops (Scott Summers); Jean Grey-Summers; Beast (Hank McCoy); Storm (Ororo Munroe); Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett); Rogue (Anna Marie); Gambit (Remy LeBeau); Bishop (Lucas Bishop); Cannonball (Samuel Guthrie); Magneto (Joseph); Maggot (Japheth); Marrow (Sarah Rushman); Dr. Cecelia Reyes; and Professor X (Charles Xavier)

1998 - X-Men

This team of X-Men no longer operated under the duel strike team system established under Scott and Ororo back when the original team of X-Factor rejoined the X-Men. Because of the new members, Xavier let the team function as a whole unit, and delegated which X-Men he wanted to go on which mission, based on the powers and experience each member had.

During this tenure of X-Men, they had to stop a threat called Operation: Zero Tolerance. A Sentinel from the future, called Bastion, managed to take control of the Sentinels in the present, and tried to exterminate mutants once and for all. Remy came back to help out during this time, and Xavier read his mind. He was cleared of any guilt, and rejoined the team.

Xavier then sent Rogue, Bishop, Joseph, Remy, and Hank into space to aid Princess Lilandra and the Shi'ar against the threat known as Phalanx, a foe the X-Men had already faced. They each got new uniforms with special capabilities (like Rogue could make physical contact) which they continued to wear when they returned to earth. Bishop decided to stay in space with Lilandra's sister Deathbird. Beast left the team to work with Moira MacTaggert on Muir Island to find a cure for the Legacy Virus. Joseph realized his past - that he was a clone of the real Erik Lehnsherr by one of his original Brotherhood members, Astra. In the ensuing battle against her, he sacrificed his own life to save Rogue and Gambit's. After this, they realized that they should be together, and made up, and made physical contact for the first time.

Maggot was trying to cope with his unusual powers, and Scott decided he would benefit more from Sean Cassidy's leadership, and sent him to the Massachusetts Academy with Generation X. Xavier welcomed new members Sarah Rushman, a surviving Morlock, and Dr. Cecelia Reyes to the mansion. They joined the team and helped out in battles. Marrow had a hard time working alongside Storm, as she didn't believe that she should be the leader of the Morlocks anymore. In the end, Ororo returned that position back to Callisto. Cecelia Reyes soon became addicted to the drug Kick, and decided to leave the team to help herself. She soon joined up with Hank, and helped him with his research.

Scott was becoming very worried over his wife. She was displaying stronger powers levels than before, and looked like she was going to turn back into Phoenix. However, her telepathic powers were still stunted thanks to Psylocke's psi-war, and it looked like the problem was going to go away. Sam realized that he didn't quite fit into this older group of X-Men. He had proved himself time and time again that he was worthy of the name, but he still didn't feel like part of the team. After a long discussion with Cyclops, he decided that X-Force was where he was needed most, and went back to join Cable and the rest of his teammates. Cyclops let him go with the assurance that they were proud of him coming a long way from his time with the New Mutants, and that he was welcome back any time.

Soon after, Xavier decided that the X-Men should try and lead normal lives, and kicked the team out of his mansion and let them disband. Little did they know this was all part of a larger plan to stop the immortal villain known as Apocalypse.