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103 - Hindsight (Part 3)


8An unseen person is approaching the mansion. At the same time, Wolverine is given a tour of the now in construction mansion. The unseen person turns out to be Emma Frost and Wolverine is not pleased to see her. She tells him her reason for being there; to join the X-men. He declines her but she offers to find Professor X.

On hearing this, Hank, Kitty and Bobby also come to speak with her. They speak about her prior activities and why she closed her school which was similar to Xavier’s Institute. After semi-forcing her membership, she gives Logan her card and says to call when Cerebro is completed. Wolverine believes though that she just wants access to Cerebro.

Logan tells Beast that he believes she is after something but Beast says that he would find it foolish not to accept her offer as she may be able to find the Professor or Jean. When entering the Danger Room, its automated defenses start up and attack Logan, who retaliates. When everything is destroyed he finally manages to get to Forge.

Forge completes Cerebro and Emma Frost locates a comatose Charles in Genosha. Beast tries to plea with Logan, to contact Magneto before going but Logan believes that Magneto was the cause of the blast.

Logan goes and speaks to Cyclops about them finding the Professor. Cyclops asked if Jean was they located Jean but they didn’t, however, Cyclops still returns. While on their way to Genosha, Scott talks to Emma about Jean, and Emma states that she will eventually be able to locate Jean assuming she is still around(hinting Logan’s will to get rid of her). They arrive in Genosha just as the stealth mode is fixed. Kitty phases into a part of Genosha, before the others, to scope the area and she tells them that it’s like an iron maze and their on Magneto’s turf. They split up to cover more ground but Magneto uses his powers to catch Wolverine. Cyclops and Iceman intervene but both are defeated. Iceman however, manages to knock off Magneto’s helmet. Beast, Kitty and Emma arrive. Emma, now that Magneto’s helmet is off, can try to read his thoughts. However while doing so, Magneto throws Wolverine across the room, hitting into Beast and Emma. Kitty who Magneto is not able to catch claims that it won’t work on her but he simply gives her a piece of metal to hold on to and he removes the metal flooring from beneath her.

Wolverine explains that they just came for the Professor but Magneto claims he came looking for trouble. Eventually after much pleading, Magneto releases them and they go to see the Professor bedridden. Magneto explains the professor appeared on the island one week prior and Emma states that he has no brain activity. Wolverine angrily says that Magneto is keeping an eye on him and not caring, claiming that he knows Magneto is afraid of the Professor. Beast then says to Magneto that what Wolverine is trying to ask is if they can take the Professor home to which Magneto agrees as the X-Men are Charles' children. Magneto then offers for them to stay in Genosha but they decline.

Back at the Mansion, Professor from the future manages to communicate to the X-Men. He shows them what the future is like; a world ruled by Sentinels. He states that he remembers nothing that happened and that he awakens from the coma twenty years after the explosion. He also says that the reason the future became like that is because of the X-Men. In that time line, they went their separate ways and were defeated. He tells them that only as a team do they stand a chance to change the future. He then says that he cannot stay any longer but will try to make contact again.

The scene then switches to Professor X in the future. He is seen in Cerebro and he can walk. He then exits the mansion and runs past the graves of Shadowcat, Beast, Iceman, Cyclops, Wolverine, Rogue, Forge and Colossus.

The scene switches back to the present with Logan speaking to the X-Men about what they have to do and that the world needs them.

*Summary from Wikipedia

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103 - Rogue Recruit


XMEFullRoster At a school dance Cody and his friend Ty walk out onto a deck where Rogue is gazing out over the water. Ty teases Cody about being nervous and pushes him into talking to Rogue. Cody asks Rogue to dance. She hesitates at first but agrees. They head in to the dance floor. As they're dancing Ty tells Cody to "make his move" and pushes him into Rogue. They both fall down and when Cody reaches down to help Rogue get up he touches her skin and her power is activated for the first time. Cody passes out and Rogue "sees" Cody's memories.

Ty freaks out and asks her what she did to Cody, when she tries to run he jumps in her way but she tackles him and takes off. Irene (Destiny) who seems to be Rogue's guardian, foresees the whole event and calls in Mystique.

A ninja sneaks into the X-Men mansion. Storm attacks him and ends up knocking him into the danger room. The ninja takes out some machinery before Xavier calls for him to stop. Turns out to be Wolverine giving a demonstration for the students. He tells Storm that the mansions defenses were too easily breached and they talk about ways to boost security.

Kitty asks if any one else if freaked out by the whole thing and Kurt ports over to try and cheer her up. He scares her more and she phases away. Kurt is upset and Jean tells him to give Kitty time. Xavier arrives and tells Scott to assemble the team to go after Rogue. They head out in the Blackbird.

During the flight Kitty talks to Jean about how she thinks Scott is so "together" and cute. Kurt overhears them and acts jealous. He 'ports out to the front of the Blackbird trying to show off. He loses his footing and 'ports back into the Blackbird but slams into Kitty. Xavier tells him it's no place to be goofing off, and that he scared Kitty. Kurt apologizes but Kitty tells him to stay away from her.

Mystique arrives and Irene meets her at the airport. They follow Rogue to Cody's house where she's looking through Cody's things confused. Xavier uses Cody to track Rogue down.

Mystique morphs into Wolverine and attacks Rogue. She chases her out of the house, then morphs into Storm and throws fake lightening at her. Rogue runs into Irene who tells her that the X-Men are mutant hunters and that she has a friend who can protect her from them. Just then the real Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Kitty show up and Rogue takes off again.

Kurt talks Logan into letting him go after the girl, since she seems so terrified of Wolverine. He agrees and tells him to watch after the "half-pint", which makes Kitty mad. Kurt ports up to Rogue and tries to talk to her. Kitty phases through a fence behind them, and decides to "show" Wolverine by taking down Rogue. She tackles her and Rogue throws her off. When Kurt grabs Rogue she touches him and absorbs his powers. Rogue 'ports away and Kurt collapses.

Rogue reappears in a graveyard, she starts to figure out what's happening and uses Kurt's power to 'port around the graveyard until she falls. Kitty tries to revive Kurt and then calls out to Xavier for help. Xavier sends Wolverine after Kit and Kurt and sends out Storm, Scott, and Jean after Rogue. Mystique shows up at the graveyard. Jean finds Rogue, who recognizes Jean using Kurt's memories. The two talk and Jean gives Rogue a communicator in case she ever wants to talk to her. Storm shows up and Rogue runs.

Mystique follows her and morphs into the different X-Men and chases her around. When the real Storm tries to help Rogue, Rogue absorbs her powers and loses control. She wrecks the graveyard and then 'ports away. The rest of the X-Men arrive at the graveyard and they figure out that Mystique was there causing trouble.

Kurt and Storm come around and Kitty is so happy that Kurt is alright she runs up to him and hugs him, surprising all of the X-Men.

Later Mystique welcomes Rogue to Bayville. After she leaves, Magneto appears, asking if any traces of the real X-Men's memories remained. Mystique tells him no, but Rogue walks out of the office and looks at the communicator that Jean gave her.

*Summary from X-Men Beyond Evolution

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102 - Night of the Sentinels (Part 2)

X-Men Logo 3

Wolverine smells the soldiers’ gun oil and quickly closes the door before the soldiers fire. Storm enters and sweeps the guards away with her wind power. After destroying the files on mutants, the X-Men escape to the Blackbird, but are stopped by the sentinels. During the fight with the Sentinels, Morph is shot and presumed dead. Beast gets blasted against the fence and is electrocuted and ultimately captured. The rest retreat to the Blackbird on Cyclops’ command. On TV, the President of the United States states that several mutants attacked the Mutant Control Agency and that there will be a counter-offense. But after meeting with Gyrich, the President decides to cancel the Mutant Control Registration.

Later that night, Cyclops goes to Jubilee’s foster parents’ house. Jubilee’s foster father calls Gyrich, to tell him Cyclops is in his house. Gyrich sends some Sentinels, but later the father regrets his decision when his wife tells him that Cyclops thinks that Jubilee was kidnapped by the Sentinels. Subsequently, he tells Cyclops everything. Cyclops leaves, but is attacked by a Sentinel. Cyclops blasts the Sentinel’s arm off. The wounded Sentinel escapes and the Blackbird follows it to the Sentinels’ base.

Landing clumsily, the wounded Sentinel damages the electrical box and the electricity goes out on the base. While the X-Men attack the base, Gyrich and Trask try to escape. After the sentinels are defeated and Jubilee rescued, Jubilee decides that it’s best to stay at the Mansion and waves goodbye to her foster parents, heading for a new future.

*Summary from Wikipedia

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The Australian X-Men

The Uncanny X-Men: Havok (Alexander Summers); Storm (Ororo Munroe); Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett); Colossus (Piotr Rasputin); Rogue (Anna Marie); Psylocke (Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock); Dazzler (Alison Blaire); and Longshot.

1985 - Uncanny X-Men This team of X-Men was known as the Austrailian X-Men. Once they had parted ways with Magneto, one of their missions seemingly killed them on national television. Instead, they were actually resurrected by the Sorceress Roma, and decided to operate clandestinely out of a base in Austrailia.

Due to Roma's abilities, once they were brought back to life, they were also immune to any type of detection - mechanical or mystical. Newcomers to the team were Alison Blaire, a musical celebrity, and Longshot, a native from Mojo's home planet. Even though Scott had left her, Madelyne and her baby decided to stay with this group of X-Men, as she had no where else to go.

AOn a trip to the Savage Land, Piotr fathered a child with a woman named Nereel. Yet he does not know of his son's existance. The team also learned of Logan's past marriage to a woman named Mariko, and how he had to mercy kill her to save her from her pain. Also, they learned of his involvement with a project known as Weapon X, and its experimentation on mutants, such as Sabretooth, Maverick, and Silver Fox of HYDRA. They also learned of his how he was tricked into marrying the terrorist known as Viper. Alison and Longshot soon started a relationship with each other, while Betsy and Alex flirted non-stop.

This team of X-Men were the first to hear about the legendary Twelve, a group of mutants that would save mutantkind in the future. They also battled Mytique and her Brotherhood, the Master Mold - a new master Sentinel, Donald Pierce - the White Bishop of the Hellfire Club and his Reavers, Lady Deathstrike - an old enemy of Wolverine, and Priestess Zaladane - the alleged sister of Lorna Dane, Polaris of the original X-Men.

This team also had to deal with the horror that was Inferno. While Madelyne was trying to deal with the ordeal of Scott leaving her and their baby, the mad geneticist, Mr.Sinister, paid her a visit. He revealed to her that he had created her as a clone of the woman known as Jean Grey, Marvel Girl of the original X-Men. The genetic potential shared by the Summers and Grey family was believed to produce children with unlimited powers. Now, Mr.Sinister wanted to claim what he sought after, the baby Nathan Christopher Summers.

Worse for Madelyne, she, as well as the rest of the X-Men, found out why Scott had left her. Warren Worthington had called Scott to tell him that the Fantastic Four and the Avengers had discovered something very shocking - Jean Grey was still alive. Together with Iceman and Beast, the five friends reunited to become the government sponsored team X-Factor. Madelyne wanted revenge for leaving her for Marvel Girl. She then tapped into her own psi-powers, and became the Goblyn Queen. She then seduced Alex and hid her baby from the X-Men so she could give Mr. Sinister what he wanted - the Summers bloodline. Though the two teams worked together to stop them, the outcome of the event resulted in Madelyne losing her life.

After getting through that ordeal, the X-Men continued to operate without the aid of their former teammates. However, trouble soon befell the team as they were confronted by the legendary Siege Perilous. While trying to escape from Donald Pierce and his reavers, Psylocke, who was leading the team, had no choice but to send them all though this magical gem. As a team, the X-Men had completely dissolved.

Alex awoke an amnesiac Genoshan Magistrate in an enslavement camp for mutants. Ororo had been reduced to a childlike state. Piotr was released as a famous artist known as Peter Nicholas. Rogue developed a split personality with the Ms. Marvel persona. Betsy was found on an island owned by the mystical assassination group known as the Hand. Longshot was ejected back into Mojoworld, and Alison as an amnesiac celebrity. The only member left was Logan, and he soon set off to discover what had become of his team.

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102 - Hindsight (Part 2)



Toad, having just been arrested by the police, is being taken, when Blob attacks and breaks him out of the car. Avalanche then destroys the road beneath the police cars and Quicksilver runs up and leaves them with a threat for Senator Kelly.

Senator Kelly then has a press conference in which he tells the public about his threat. Warren Worthington III/Angel is seen having an argument with his father about attending the conference. Senator Kelly then reveals his weapon to protect humans against mutants; the Sentinel Prowler. As the machine is being demonstrated, it identifies Rogue hidden in the crowd, and begins to attack. Rogue tries to flee from the sentinel, but finds herself trapped. Angel appears and distracts the Sentinel, and manages to rescue Rogue. While flying away, he is shot in the wing, and begins to fall. However, before they hit the ground, Beast catches them, while Wolverine jumps in and destroys the Sentinel. Angel is happy to see the X-men are back together but they explain that they are not yet. Logan pleads with Rogue to join the new team, but she refuses. Beast asks Angel if he wishes to come back but he also disagrees, due to the fact that he uses his father’s money to help mutants and if he were to join a mutant group, he would be cut off.

Senator Kelly is seen talking to Angel’s father, Warren Worthington II. Senator Kelly expresses his view that the Sentinel Project was a disaster but Warren assures him that there is a way out, telling him to announce that the Sentinel project is canceled and they will be able to put the focus back on the Brotherhood of Mutants.

Toad approached Rogue in which they have a small dispute leading to Rogue touching Toad, absorbing his powers and knocking him out. The rest of the Brotherhood appears and Domino talks to Rogue about the situation mutants are in. She manages to get Rogue to join them and she mentions that they plan to chat with Senator Kelly.

Cyclops is watching the news about the mutant registration act, before blasting it into the wall. Logan bursts through the door, and starts provoking Cyclops about Jean's disappearance. Angry at his comments, Cyclops blasts Logan through the wall and into the alley.

The Brotherhood goes to Senator Kelly’s house, and Avalanche destroys his house despite Rogue’s attempt the stop them. Domino then explains to Rogue that it will be their houses being destroyed if the registration act is passed. After destroying the house, they take a van which was parked outside and they drive through town. Stopping at a traffic light next to an MRD vehicle, Rogue tells them not to do anything but Toad spits at one of the officers. The MRD start to chase them but Avalanche eventually brings down the buildings after them causing the MRD to stop the chase. They go to Warren Worthington’s home. There they use Rogue to take Warren Worthington II’s memories which include Senator Kelly’s itinerary.

Logan goes back to the X-Mansion telling Beast that neither Rogue nor Cyclops will join. He asks who else he tracked down and Beast tells him he has tracked down Kitty, Peter and Bobby. Kitty was staying at her parents’ house but when they started getting harassed she just left, Peter is in Russia but he says he will not leave his family again, and Bobby’s parents will not allow him to speak to him but he has high hopes that he is willing to return. Logan says odds are still in their favor because the Brotherhood has Toad and Blob, but Angel walks in and says that it’s time to recalculate because Rogue has joined them and they are planning to take down the Senator. On hearing this, Logan says they have to stop them but are visiting Bobby first. At Bobby’s house, his parents will not allow Bobby to go with Logan and Beast claiming that they almost got him killed last year. When they don’t comply, Logan kicks open the door and Bobby runs out. While walking away, Logan says to Bobby’s parents that he is a mutant and they have to deal with that. Bobby is excited that the X-men are back but Logan tells him that it is only the three of them. He then asks if they couldn’t get in contact with Kitty before she left, saying that she is going to Genosha. With that, they fly to the ship in which Kitty is being taken to Genosha. On seeing the helicopter, she runs and phases through the side, saying very cheerfully as she enters that it’s about time. They head back to the still destroyed mansion only to find Rogue. Kitty and Bobby are excited to see her but Logan stops them and Beast takes them to find uniforms. Rogue and Logan talk and Rogue expresses that she is not the same as the Brotherhood and tells Logan what they are planning to do.

Warren Worthington III realizes his father is using the Senator as bait and his father admits he is, saying that this will cause the registration act to be signed for sure. The X-Men arrive, so Domino shoots inside the building from across the street. This causes panic inside and the MRD officers from outside are seen running into the building. Rogue comments that it’s too late, it has begun and Logan commands Kitty to phase the helicopter through, into the building. After doing this, they have a short battle with MRD officers, Domino shoots down the helicopter and while Rogue is trying to escape, Angel saves her from an MRD officer. Logan realizes that the Brotherhood is not inside and commands the X-Men to leave but Senator Kelly instructs the officers to capture them. Wolverine makes a hole through a wall and after himself, Kitty and Beast pass through, Bobby freezes the hole with solid ice, trapping the MRD inside and them on the out. They flee down the alley and Logan says that the Brotherhood used Rogue, only to realize she is not with them. While running back to get her, Angel stops them telling them to get in the car and that Rogue has escaped.

Back at the X-Mansion, the X-Men watch as Senator Kelly says that due to the attack, the registration act will be passed. Wolverine goes out to speak with Angel who tells him that the MRD doesn’t have Rogue and that she fled, probably blaming herself. Logan still upset shrugs and agrees. Warren then tells him that he did the right thing and Professor X would’ve done the same. Rogue is then seen with the Brotherhood and they congratulate her for setting up the X-Men and showing her loyalty towards them. They then welcome her as a member of their group.

Plot from Wikipedia

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102 - The X-Impulse


XMEFullRoster Kitty's in bed dreaming. She's flying high through a city when she suddenly loses control and falls. She wakes up in the basement of her home and her parents come running down stairs to her cries. Her dad asks her if she was sleepwalking and she says she fell through the ceiling. Xavier picks up her signature and Cerebro gives her stats. Kitty Pryde from Northbrook, age 15. Her Mom says it was just a nightmare but the father looks up and says "I don't think so." The sheets and pillow are phased half way through the ceiling.

Next morning at Bayville High, Kurt shows up late to school and Ms. Darkholme (Mystique) stops him and threatens to make him one of her after school group.

Kitty tries to sneak out of her house. Her mom catches her and says that she's supposed to stay home today. Kitty gets mad and asks "What's the point? You guys don't want to talk about it." Her dad calls for her and Kitty begs her mom to let her go. Her mom says okay. Xavier and Jean head out in the Blackbird to see Kitty. They try to talk to her parents but the father is rude and tells them to leave them alone. Xavier sends Jean to see Kitty at school.

At the mansion Logan catches Sabretooth's scent. He suits up and takes off after him on his cycle. He blazes by Scott and Kurt. They decide to follow him.

At Kitty's school some preppy girls shove her into her locker and lock her in. Lance (Avalanche) shows up spray painting the lockers and Kitty accidentally phases through and slams into him. Lance is excited about Kitty's power, but Kitty just tries to play it off like nothing happened. He tells her he understands because they're alike, and then shows her his power (he causes tremors and shakes the school). Kitty gets upset and runs off.

During P.E. Kitty trips trying the long jump and loses her temper again. The girls laugh at her. Lance and his buddies are on the roof trying to find a way to break into an office and steal test answers. Lance realizes that he can use Kitty to get in and he sees what happens on the field below. When one of the girls that laughed at Kitty takes her turn he causes a tremor and buries her under the sand. Kitty sees him and tries to run off again. She bumps into Jean on her way off the field.

She gets into the auditorium and kicks around the set props on stage. She tries to catch a bowl she knocks over but her hands phase through it. She kneels down and phases through it again intentionally. Jean walks in and tries to talk to her about her powers. She shows Kitty her TK and tells her that she can read thoughts. Kitty freaks out and yells for her to stay out of her head. She runs off. Lance shows up and tells Jean to back off. He catches up to Kitty and tells her that he knows what she's going through and he can show her how to control her powers.

Kurt and Scott track Wolverine to a parking garage. An all out brawl breaks out between Sabretooth and Logan. Sabretooth slams a car into Logan, and while he's got him pinned he says that "One shall fall by the other's hand." Scott blasts Sabretooth off of Wolverine, and Kurt tries to 'port in and help. Sabretooth is about to attack Kurt when Logan slams him into an elevator. Sabretooth runs off. Wolverine tells Scott and Kurt to stay out of his battles.

Lance talks Kitty into phasing in the office. She's excited about her powers for the first time, but when she finds out why he really wanted her to phase in she gets upset and wants to leave. Jean and her parents show up to try and talk her out of goin with Lance. Lance gets angry and tries to drag Kitty along with him. When she refuses and phases free he drops the ceiling on her. Jean uses her TK to protect Kitty's parents. Kitty phases free of the rubble and uses her power to save everyone. Xavier tells Kitty she used her gift well and her father tells Xavier that they have things to talk about.

Lance runs off from the school and meets Mystique. She tells him that she's made a place for him at Bayville and calls him Avalanche.

Summary from X-Men Beyond Evolution.

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The Uncanny X-Men

The Uncanny X-Men: Cyclops (Scott Summers); Storm (Ororo Munroe); Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett); Colossus (Piotr Rasputin); Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner); Shadowcat (Katherine "Kitty" Pryde); Phoenix II (Rachel Summers); Rogue (Anna Marie); Psylocke (Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock); Magneto (Erik "Magnus" Lehnsherr); Professor X (Charles Xavier) and Madelyne Pryor-Summers.

1980 - Uncanny X-Men3

This team of X-Men was greatly different than any other incarnation Xavier had formed. And with this team, they were no longer known as the X-Men; they were now the Uncanny X-Men. Scott Summers returned from his leave of absence with a surprise for his old teammates - he had married a woman named Madelyne Pryor, who bore a striking resemblence to the recently departed Marvel Girl.

One of the more important occasions in the life of the X-Men was the discovery of a timeline known as "Days of Future Past" - a future where the Mutant Registration Act had been put into effect, and Sentinels were incarcerating mutants, or killing those that stood in their way. Most of the X-Men had died in this future, save for a few individuals who risked their life to try and stop this future from ever happening. One such individual was Rachel Summers, the daughter of Scott Summers and Jean Grey. With her, and the future version of Sprite, that future was erased from existance. When Rachel realized that she was now stuck in this present time, and that her mother was dead, she took on the name Phoenix in rememberance.

This team also met newer, deadlier adversaries, such as the shapeshifting Mystique, the mad geneticist Mr. Sinister and his Marauders, Callisto and the sewer-dwelling Morlocks, television crazed Mojo and Spiral, and the Beyonder. They also battled the Black Queen Selene, the Silver Samurai, Magneto, and a new Brotherhood of Mutants (Pryo, Blob, Avalanche, Destiny, Rogue, Crimson Commando, Super Sabre) led by Mystique.

After battling the Avengers, Rogue of the Brotherhood was made to permanently absorb the powers of Carol Danvers, known then as Ms. Marvel. Not being able to deal with this new powers, she turned to Charles Xavier for help. Against some of the teammates objections, Rogue was allowed to join the team.

Kitty grew up a bit more, and changed her name to Shadowcat, and a new costome to match. Scott and Alex met their father, Major Christopher Summers, now known as Corsair of the Starjammers. After almost murdering Selene, Rachel was kidnapped Mojo and taken to another dimension. Xavier revealed to his students that he had a son named David Haller, and he was now known as the mutant Legion. Xavier decided to train his third class of young mutants, and formed the new teenage hero team, The New Mutants.

Xavier soon became ill, and had to be taken into the custody of the Shi'ar for treatment. In his stead, he left the recently reformed Magneto to look after his school and the X-Men. During a battle with the Marauders and the Morlocks, Shadowcat and Nightcrawler became injured, and had to leave the team. Scott and Madelyne had a child together, a baby boy named Nathan Christopher Summers.

Soon, an ally from Great Britain, Brian Braddock aka Captain Britain, asked the X-Men for help in rescuing his sister Betsy, a telepath. To show her gratitude, and after holding her own against a villain known as Sabretooth - an old foe of Wolverine's, she joined the team.

Soon afterward, Scott received a phone call from Warren. After speaking with his old friend, Scott left the X-Men, and his wife and child without a word. Something had happened that would change his world forever.

With Xavier, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Phoenix II, and Cyclops gone, and with Magneto in charge, the team, led by Storm, decided to part ways with the school they had always called home, and move out on their own.

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101 - Strategy X



Scott and Jean are attending a Bayville High football game. Jean is taking pictures while Scott watches from the stands. Scott notices Toad picking pockets and heads down to stop him. He gets there in time to save Toad from three football players who plan on beating him for stealing.

Scott loses control of his powers and causes an explosion. Xavier and Storm show up soon after to smooth things over. Xavier "adjusts" some thoughts and then heads off to the train station to pick up Kurt who's come to join the school.

Meanwhile Wolverine stops by a store on his motorcycle heading for the mansion. Sabretooth is shown watching him from a distance. Back at the mansion Xavier introduces Jean and Scott to Kurt and then talks to Scott about the explosion he caused.

Back at the high school the principal calls Toad (Todd) into the office. She asks about Scott and tells him to find out everything he can about the X-men, when he tries to get out of it she morphs into a demon and yells at him.

At the mansion Xavier shows Kurt to his room and gives him an images inducer to make him look human. Storm drops off his X-Men costume.

Toad talks to Scott about them both being "different" and Scott calls the Prof to tell him about Toad. Xavier sends Storm to "audition" Toad. When he shows up at the mansion she creates a killer storm and chases him into the mansion. He flies through a window and collides with Kurt.

The two end up wrecking the house as Toad chases Kurt around. Xavier stops them to say the Toad is a mutant and he can join the X-Men if he wishes. Toad tells them that all he wants is Kurt's head and he jumps Kurt again. Kurt ports and they end up in the Danger Room. Xavier calls in Jean and Scott to save them.

As Scott protects Toad, Kurt tries to pull the plug on a robot, causing it to go off and hit them. Xavier shuts down the room and Toad runs. Kurt gets upset over causing the accident and runs off too. Scott follows Kurt. Toad runs into Logan on his way out, but Xavier tells Wolverine to let him go. Then he welcomes Logan home.

Scott finds Kurt in the Blackbird hangar. He tells him that if he sticks around he'll be able to fly it one day. He tells him that it's okay to make mistakes, that the reason they are here is to learn control. Scott welcomes Kurt to the team.

At the school the principal freaks out about Toad running out on the X-Men. She throws him out of the office and then morphs into Mystique. Magneto arrives and tells her not to be so hard on him. "Remember this is only the beginning."

Summary from X-Men Beyond Evolution

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101 - Night of the Sentinels (Part 1)


X-Men Logo 3

Jubilee is attacked by robots called Sentinels at a local mall but she is saved by the X-Men and taken to the X-Mansion for her safety. The X-Men discover that the group running the Mutant Registration Program intends to track and eliminate mutants. Later, the X-Men find the Sentinel base and infiltrate the base to destroy the files on mutants. The episode ends in a cliffhanger when Storm opens the door to a room where many armed soldiers are hiding, waiting to ambush the X-Men.

Plot from Wikipedia


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All New All Different X-Men

All New All Different X-Men: Cyclops (Scott Summers); Phoenix (Jean Grey); Angel (Warren Worthington III); Storm (Ororo Munroe); Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett); Colossus (Piotr Rasputin); Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner); Banshee (Sean Cassidy); Sprite (Katherine "Kitty" Pryde); and Professor X (Charles Xavier).

1979 - X-Men

This team line-up lasted a long time. They battled newer, deadlier Sentinels, an alien race called the Brood, Moses Magnum, and Magneto yet again, while battling regular foes such as Juggernaut, Lucifer, Count Nefaria and the like. Yet, they met their most deadliest enemy in their most trusted friend.

During one of their missions into space, Jean Grey rejoined the team as she realized that she and Scott belonged together; and therefore she and the team together. On the way back to earth, Marvel Girl lost control of the shuttle, and was ultimately killed by the radiation levels in space. However, a force called the Phoenix, a cosmic guardian, sensed the dying woman's cries for help, and brought her back to life. However, it let her damaged body heal in suspended animation as it took on her form and consciousness. Her telepathic and telekinetic powers increased to potentially unlimited levels, and she now went by the name Phoenix. In effect, the first female member of the X-Men had now become a virtual goddess, possessing seemingly limitless power. And for a time it was good.

Sean Cassidy had to leave the team as he had lost his powers after exerting them to destroy Moses Magnum. Jean was helping Ororo adjust to a western lifestyle. Piotr was starting to develop a relationship with his very young and new teammate Kitty Pryde. Kurt started seeing a sorceress named Amanda Sefton. Warren, after leaving the Champions, rejoined the team as well. And much to the annoyance of Scott, there was a growing, secret chemistry between Logan and Jean.

Then the X-Men met the elite organization known as the Hellfire Club, made of of Sebastion Shaw and Selene, the Black King and Queen, and Shinobi Shaw and Emma Frost, the White King and Queen. The White Queen in particular became Phoenix's personal nemesis as they were both powerful telepaths. The White Queen had already managed to kidnap Sprite, as well as switch places with Storm.

With the help of a mutant named Mastermind, their manipulations seduced Phoenix over to their side with dreams of power and control. Yet, they were dealing with a cosmic force, not Marvel Girl, and thus, the Phoenix force grew hungry for these new, deadlier feelings of supremacy and sheer power. She turned insanely powerful, becoming Dark Phoenix, and began the destruction of the world.

The X-Men, the Shi'ar, and other super powers of earth knew they had to kill the woman known as Phoenix. However, the Jean Grey consciousness managed to resurface long enough to realize the destructive force Phoenix. She knew she was too powerful to live, and committed suicide before the very eyes of Scott Summers. In wake of her death, Warren founded the Defenders with Bobby and Hank. Unable to take the loss, Scott left the team.

Giant-Sized X-Men

Giant-Sized X-Men: Storm (Ororo Munroe); Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett); Colossus (Piotr Rasputin); Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner); Banshee (Sean Cassidy); Thunderbird (John Proudstar); Sunfire (Shiro Yoshida); and team founder Professor X (Charles Xavier).

1974 - Giant Sized X-Men 

When Charles' original X-Men were held captive by the living island Krakoa, he assembled a new team of mutants to rescue them. He found Ororo from Africa, Logan from Canada, Piotr from Russa, Kurt from Germany, Sean from Scotland, John from the US, and Shiro from Japan.

These X-Men came from different walke of life, and discovered that they had a hard time fitting in with each other - Logan had a quick temper, much like Shiro, while Kurt was deeply religious. It was these attitudes that made the team begin to fall apart. Sunfire could not accept Charles' way of doing things, while the head-strong John died on the new team's second mission trying to prove himself to the others.

Still, Charles stuck with them, and with the help of Scott, this became the second generation of mutants to join the X-Men, and continue to fight for mutant rights. Along the way, some of the original members of the X-Men came back to help out to.

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101 - Hindsight (Part 1)



The episode begins with Shadowcat, Colossus and Nightcrawler training in the Danger Room where it becomes very difficult and all three come into captivity. It turns out Wolverine was tampering with their session as a goodbye present, making the level very difficult. Outside, Logan sees Jean Grey and Cyclops having an argument where Jean mentions to Cyclops that it is not she he should be apologizing to but Logan. He then meets with Beast, asking if he knows where Rogue is. Beast acknowledges that he believes Rogue is upset that Logan is leaving. Logan goes and speaks to Rogue in which Rogue tells Wolverine that he is like family and he keeps leaving her. Angry with him, Rogue walks away. Logan is then seen walking towards Professor X and Storm, when, with no apparent cause, the Professor and Jean both suffer telepathic shock and suffer seizures. Logan runs toward the Professor, but is blinded by a bright light.

When he awakens, the scene has shifted to the present, and it is revealed to be one year after the events in Logan’s dream. A group of trailers passes him and a girl named Erica waves from one to which he acknowledges her. While riding a short while after, there is an explosion in the opposite direction to which he hesitates to go see what has occurred. It is revealed that the trailer in which Erica was in collided with a train. Logan arrives at the scene and runs into the flame to find Erica who is said to be trapped inside. While finding her inside, the travlcsnap-2010-02-06-00h20m31s87iler explodes leaving Erica’s parents distraught. When the fire subsides, Logan is seen lying face down to the ground and Erica safely underneath him. The parents are relieved to find Erica safe. Many of the bystanders, especially one named Carl, are uncomfortable with the presence of a mutant and are not supportive of helping Wolverine who is now injured but in the process of healing. The parents decide to help Wolverine and take him with them since Carl has called the authorities in order to report Wolverine. While sleeping Logan has another dream about what happened after the flash of light. It is shown that there was an explosion and it was directed at Professor X whose wheelchair is left destroyed and his body no where in sight. Logan awakes to find himself at the family’s house. He overhears the Erica’s mother speaking to Carl about them having him in their house. After a short while, the MRD arrive and storm the house arresting the family due to their lack of co-operation. Logan attacks on seeing this but is not successful in rescuing the family who is taken away in a helicopter.

vlcsnap-2010-02-06-00h21m37s73 The family is then shown at a facility in which mutants are being kept in cells. Colonel Moss approaches and asks about Logan but they still deny knowing who they are speaking about. He responds saying that “his name is Wolverine and he is very dangerous”. Now feeling a little upset, the girl says that she disagrees with his comment and he screams at her that he is.

Logan goes to the now destroyed mansion. It is shown that Beast has been conducting research to find out what caused the explosion and Beast also mentions that not only Professor X is missing but also Jean. Beast then says that he has found that the explosion was centred on Professor X but there is no plausible explanation; no evidence of combustion, chemical reaction, radiation or electromagnetism. Beast then asks Wolverine why he is here due to the fact that he doesn’t show up without a reason. Logan explains that the MRD are getting out of control and th at they snatched the family for helping him. He asks beast for his help and Beast replies that he can’t and why doesn’t he ask the other. Logan admits he doesn’t know where anyone else is and that he really needs his help to which Beast accepts. After hijacking an MRD vehicle, Logan disguises as an agent and Bvlcsnap-2010-02-06-00h22m53s45east pretends to be a captured mutant and they go to the MRD facility. On entering, they attack the guards but while doing so, Randy is taken from his cell. Colonel Moss threatens him to tell about Wolverine and when he doesn’t, he slams his head into a device in which it seems he is having a very high pitched noise sent to his brain. Beast locates the cells in which the prisoners are held and they defeat the MRD for now. They free the family and the captive mutants which include Boom Boom, Pyro, Dust, Wolfsbane and Rockslide. After torching the hangar using Boom Boom’s and Pyro’s ability, two jets begin to pursue. This time, Dust attacks and causes the jet’s propellers to malfunction and explode. This allows them to escape.

  Logan is then seen leaving the family safe in the mountains telling them that the MRD will lose interest in them. Erica pleads for him not to leave but he tells her, he vlcsnap-2010-02-06-00h25m20s236has to. He goes to the X mansion and talks to Beast. He asks about the other Heroic mutants are and Beast tells him that they have gone their separate ways. Beast then says that the cells will be filled again by the next day and Logan agrees saying that a war is coming. Beast asks what they will be doing next to which Logan replies ‘We bring back the X-Men’.

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The Silver Age

The Stangest Teens of All - X-Men: Cyclops (Scott Summers); Marvel Girl (Jean Grey); Havok (Alexander Summers); Polaris (Lorna Dane); Angel (Warren Worthington III); Iceman (Robert "Bobby" Drake); Beast (Hank McCoy); and team founder Professor X (Charles Xavier).


This team of X-Men decided to carry on Xavier's dream. Soon, two new mutants came to their attention. After a battle with the Living Pharoah, Scott discovered his long lost brother Alexander, and the alleged daughter of Magneto, Lorna Dane.

The two mutants decided to do their part in the struggle for a peaceful co-existance, and joined the team. They faced off against more mutants trying to cause a war with humanity, such as the Living Monolith, and Sunfire, as well as facing off with Magneto and his new brotherhood of mutants.

At the same time, they managed to discover their mentor, Xavier was still alive. He faked his death with an ally, the Changeling, to help win a battle against an alien invasion. They also met with allies such as Spider-Man, the Hulk, the Fantastic Four, and the Avengers.

Scott and Jean grew closer together, while Alex and Iceman were fighting for the attention of Lorna. Warren decided that he no longer needed to hide his identity, and choose to no longer wear a mask as part of the X-Men.

However, the team reached its end as they went to face off against a mutant known as Krakoa, the living island. Xavier rounded up a new team of international mutants he had been seeking to help rescue his original team. Once rescued, the original team of mutants, except for Cyclops, decided to leave the team for a chance at a normal life.

Jean went off to become a model, Alex and Lorna went to university, Hank joined the Avengers, and Bobby and Warren created a new team with other heroes known as the Champions. Scott stayed with Xavier to lead the new team of mutants.

Most importantly, this was the last time the X-Men saw Marvel Girl as she originally was. When she next meets up with Cyclops, Jean Grey meets with an insanely powerful force of power that will change the lives of the X-Men forever.

The Original X-Men


The Strangest Super Heroes of All: Cyclops (Scott Summers); Marvel Girl (Jean Grey); Angel (Warren Worthington III); Iceman (Robert "Bobby" Drake); Beast (Hank McCoy), and team founder Professor X (Charles Xavier)


This was the group founded by Professor Charles Xavier. The team was led by Cyclops, and their identities remained hidden to the public. They were only known as the X-Men to the media and their enemies.

Xavier trained them under the guise of a school for the gifted. They were teenagers at the time, and had various teenage issues to deal with along with the responsibilities to protect the world. A love triangle was established between the shy Scott, the extrovert Warren, and the red-haired beauty Jean.

During this time, they were met with their first hate-attacks as mutant haters began to take a huge interest in removing this “disease” from the planet. They were also introduced to mutants who wanted to rid the planet of the “human” scum. Technology was developed by Bolivar Trask to develop Sentinels, mutant killing machines.

Their major villains were Magneto (Erik Lensherr) and his brotherhood of mutants (Mastermind; Toad; Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver), as well as Lucifer, the Sentinels, the Blob, and Juggernaut. This team was also the first incarnation of the X-Men to travel to the Savage Land and meet Kazar and Sauron.

Soon, however, the team met other mutants who could be called upon as allies such as the Banshee (Sean Cassidy), Mimic, and Changeling. This gave them hope that one day they could actually create a world of peaceful co-existence for mutants and humans.