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1990 - 2000 - The X-Men

The X-Men: Cyclops (Scott Summers); Phoenix (Jean Grey-Summers); Storm (Ororo Munroe); Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett); Colossus (Piotr Rasputin); Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner); Shadowcat (Katherine "Kitty" Pryde); Rogue (Anna Marie); Gambit (Remy LeBeau); Marrow (Sarah Rushman); and Professor X (Charles Xavier)

1999 - Uncanny X-Men

After Xavier disbanded the X-Men, Scott decided to keep the team going. Ororo was set with the task of recruiting more members, while Scott and Jean went to find out why Xavier did what he did.

Over in England, Brian Braddock aka Captain Britain of Excalibur, finally married his long-time love, the shapeshifter Meggan. After this, the team was disbanded. Old X-Men members Kitty, Kurt, and Piotr decided to join Ororo and find out what was going on with Xavier.

Jean Grey-Summers finally got her psychic powers back, and was able to tap into the infinite levels of power she was able to do when the Phoenix force took over her consciousness all those years ago. After years of abandoning the codename Marvel Girl, she decided to re-adopt the name Phoenix, and started to wear her old costume. While this concerned her teammates, mostly the original X-Men, they could do nothing as this was her choice.

Cyclops and Jean managed to call upon old members and allies like Bobby, Hank, Warren, Alex, Lorna, Shiro, Sean, Erik, Betsy, Forge, Nathan, and Dr. Cecelia Reyes, as well as Nate Grey - the son of Scott and Jean from the Age of Apocalypse timeline.

They also managed to discover what Xavier had done - he disbanded the X-Men because he had discovered that one of them had been a traitor. It was Logan - he had been brainwashed into serving Apocalypse as his Horseman of Death, much like Warren had been.

Apocalypse was trying to round up a group of mutants known as the Twelve - a set of mutants who were phrophesized to save mutantkind. However, they were all deceived. It was all a plan to gather the world's powerful mutants to make Apocalypse an invincible force. He had started the rumours of the Twelve himself a long time ago. However, another powerful force also knew the identity of the Twelve - Rachel Summers, the long-lost daughter of Marvel Girl and Cyclops.

After switching places in the timestream with Captain Britain in Excalibur, she wound up in a future ruled by Apocalypse. In her future, she became the Mother Askani that saved Nathan Summers from Apocalypse in the past, and trained him to be the ultimate weapon against him. Before she died and sent Cable into the past to join the present day X-Men, she told him the names of the Twelve for just this moment.

Cable managed to stop Apocalypse, but to fully destroy him, he needed to sacrifice his own life to do so. Scott, however, had already had to lose his son twice before - to the Goblyn Queen and Mother Askani. Instead, he switched places with Cable and merged with Apcalypse himself, killing them both.

The X-Men could not deal with having their long-time leader suddenly killed in front of them. Warren, Betsy, Bobby, and Hank rejoined the X-Men, as did Nathan Summers. Lorna decided to leave for Genosha to keep an eye on her father Magneto. Havok tried to keep X-Factor together and fight for what Scott had devoted his life too, but, was lost into the world known as Mutant X. Moonstar from X-Force joined the school with Forge as well, as did Cecelia Reyes.

Xavier called all of his X-Men back to the mansion, and established the team once again.

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Late-90s - The X-Men

The X-Men: Cyclops (Scott Summers); Jean Grey-Summers; Beast (Hank McCoy); Storm (Ororo Munroe); Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett); Rogue (Anna Marie); Gambit (Remy LeBeau); Bishop (Lucas Bishop); Cannonball (Samuel Guthrie); Magneto (Joseph); Maggot (Japheth); Marrow (Sarah Rushman); Dr. Cecelia Reyes; and Professor X (Charles Xavier)

1998 - X-Men

This team of X-Men no longer operated under the duel strike team system established under Scott and Ororo back when the original team of X-Factor rejoined the X-Men. Because of the new members, Xavier let the team function as a whole unit, and delegated which X-Men he wanted to go on which mission, based on the powers and experience each member had.

During this tenure of X-Men, they had to stop a threat called Operation: Zero Tolerance. A Sentinel from the future, called Bastion, managed to take control of the Sentinels in the present, and tried to exterminate mutants once and for all. Remy came back to help out during this time, and Xavier read his mind. He was cleared of any guilt, and rejoined the team.

Xavier then sent Rogue, Bishop, Joseph, Remy, and Hank into space to aid Princess Lilandra and the Shi'ar against the threat known as Phalanx, a foe the X-Men had already faced. They each got new uniforms with special capabilities (like Rogue could make physical contact) which they continued to wear when they returned to earth. Bishop decided to stay in space with Lilandra's sister Deathbird. Beast left the team to work with Moira MacTaggert on Muir Island to find a cure for the Legacy Virus. Joseph realized his past - that he was a clone of the real Erik Lehnsherr by one of his original Brotherhood members, Astra. In the ensuing battle against her, he sacrificed his own life to save Rogue and Gambit's. After this, they realized that they should be together, and made up, and made physical contact for the first time.

Maggot was trying to cope with his unusual powers, and Scott decided he would benefit more from Sean Cassidy's leadership, and sent him to the Massachusetts Academy with Generation X. Xavier welcomed new members Sarah Rushman, a surviving Morlock, and Dr. Cecelia Reyes to the mansion. They joined the team and helped out in battles. Marrow had a hard time working alongside Storm, as she didn't believe that she should be the leader of the Morlocks anymore. In the end, Ororo returned that position back to Callisto. Cecelia Reyes soon became addicted to the drug Kick, and decided to leave the team to help herself. She soon joined up with Hank, and helped him with his research.

Scott was becoming very worried over his wife. She was displaying stronger powers levels than before, and looked like she was going to turn back into Phoenix. However, her telepathic powers were still stunted thanks to Psylocke's psi-war, and it looked like the problem was going to go away. Sam realized that he didn't quite fit into this older group of X-Men. He had proved himself time and time again that he was worthy of the name, but he still didn't feel like part of the team. After a long discussion with Cyclops, he decided that X-Force was where he was needed most, and went back to join Cable and the rest of his teammates. Cyclops let him go with the assurance that they were proud of him coming a long way from his time with the New Mutants, and that he was welcome back any time.

Soon after, Xavier decided that the X-Men should try and lead normal lives, and kicked the team out of his mansion and let them disband. Little did they know this was all part of a larger plan to stop the immortal villain known as Apocalypse.

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105 - Speed and Spyke

Storm is at a high school basketball game watching her nephew Evan play. The coach makes Pietro pass the ball to Evan and Evan makes the winning basket but gets knocked down. As he falls spikes grow out of his arms. He covers them and they disappear but not before Storm and Pietro notice. Storm watches Pietro walk off the court.

Pietro and Evan argue in the locker room about who's the better ball player. Storm walks in and talks to Evan about his powers. Later at home she tries to talk him into coming to Xavier's school. He asks her to wait until the next morning before talking to his parents about it. Xavier contacts Storm and tells her Jean and Scott are coming to help. He also tells Storm that Cerebro picked up another mutant at the ball game.

Next day at school Evan finds out that his locker has been broken into again. Pietro comes along and offers to loan him money as bait to catch the thief. At home Jean, Scott and Storm talk with Evan's parents about Evan joining the X-Men. Evan is rude to them and takes off. He heads back to the school where he finds out that Pietro is really a mutant too. Pietro (Quicksilver) wrecks the lockers and leaves Evan to take the blame.

Everyone shows up at the jail to get Evan. Scott says that Xavier will use his influence to get him out if Evan will join the school. He agrees. Next morning at breakfast the X-Men talk about Evan wanting revenge. Magneto talks to Mystique about how they can get Quicksilver to join the Brotherhood. They arrange a basketball game between Bayville and Evan's old school.

Evan is training in the danger room with the other X-Men. Kitty ends the session to tell Evan that a last minute game has been scheduled and he's needed at school. Evan confronts Pietro and Jean and Scott show up to help. Quicksilver ends up wrecking main street. The three X-Men end up taking him down. Evan is cleared of the charges and Magneto shows up to break Pietro out of jail. Quicksilver agrees to join Magneto.

At the mansion the X-Men are hanging out in the pool. Kurt cannonballs in and knocks Kitty off of her float. Xavier talks to Evan about how they're happy to have him. Evan jumps in the pool, lands on Kitty's float and pops it with his spikes. Xavier tells Storm that Evan fits in just fine.

*Summary from X-Men Beyond Evolution

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105 - Captive Hearts

Jean agrees to go on a date with Cyclops, however, they are led to a group of outcast mutants known as Morlocks. Callisto, the group leader, blackmails Cyclops into ruling the Morlocks beside her by making threats against Jean. Professor Xavier is alerted by Jean's telepathic powers and sends Wolverine, Gambit, Rogue, and Storm to rescue them. Once the remaining members of the X-Men locate the Morlocks, Storm challenges Callisto's leadership of the Morlocks. Once the X-Men make peace with the Morlocks, they promise to return when the public have accepted mutants as members of society.

*Summary from Wikipedia

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Mid-90s - The X-Men

The X-Men: Cyclops (Scott Summers); Jean Grey-Summers; Archangel (Warren Worthington III); Iceman (Robert "Bobby" Drake); Beast (Hank McCoy); Storm (Ororo Munroe); Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett); Rogue (Anne Marie); Psylocke (Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock); Gambit (Remy LeBeau); Bishop (Lucas Bishop); Cannonball (Samuel Guthrie); Magneto (Joseph); Maggot (Japheth); and Professor X (Charles Xavier).

1994 - X-Men1

This team of X-Men went through the most disastrous events the team had ever seen. They had to face two of the most powerful mutants alive - Professor X and Magneto - as the combined entity known as Onslaught. They needed the help of various heroes - Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Green Goblin, The Avengers, The Punisher, the Hulk, and Daredevil. Many of these heroes were seemingly killed in battle.

They also created the timeline known as the Age of Apocalypse after Charles Xavier was killed in the past. In that timeline, Apocalypse had taken over the world, and it took a united front of villains and heroes alike to come to terms that this world was different, and try and get it back to what it once was.

After all was said and done, members decided to retire, and newer mutants joined Xavier's dream. It seemed as long as there was trouble, there would be a group of X-Men dedicated to making the world a better place.

After members from both squads left the team, the rosters were re-organized to include new members to the fold. Both teams were co-led by Scott and Ororo. New to the Gold Strike Force was Samuel Guthrie. He had proved himself by leading the New Mutants from its inception to its end, as well as leading X-Force when Cable was away. Thus, Xavier asked him to join the X-Men.

They also had to stop Xavier's illegitamite son Legion from trying to change the world. He thought if he could go back in time and stop Magneto from causing the world such pain, the world would be a better place. However, when he did that, Xavier saved Magneto's life by having Legion kill him instead 20 years in the past. This caused the future to be changed temporarily - the heroes in the new timeline found a way to restore past.

This group of X-Men had to deal with their regular enemies, as well as discover the identity of a bring known as Onslaught. For weeks, the various X-teams had been taunted by a being that seemed to know exactly how to defeat them, yet they could never get a fix on what it was. Finally, Jean Grey discovered his identity, but Onslaught attacked and seemingly killed the X-Men.

As Jean was the only one left, she made a transmission to Alex Summers aka Havok of X-Factor, Nathan Summers aka Cable of X-Force, Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler of Excalibur and Sean Cassidy aka Banshee of Generation X, to tell them who Onslaught was and to try and stop him. It was this message that Bishop saw in the future before he joined the present day X-Men. Because of Bishop being able to put this all together, he managed to save Jean, as well as the Gold and Blue teams of X-Men. Onslaught was the result of Xavier shutting down Magneto's mind after his Avalon failed. The psychic residue become a physical being, having Magneto's and Xavier's mentalities - wanting a better place for humanity, but by any means necessary.

The X-Men also discovered the Xavier Protocols - a listing of all super heroes, and how they would need to be killed. This shocked the X-Men as they realized that the many nights Xavier had spent studying there powers, he had also come up with a means to kill every one of them.

However, the ensuing battle left the entire universe in chaos. Heroes from around the world came to aid in the battle. It seemed that Onslaught was very interested in the second generation of X-Men and the Fantastic Four; Nathan Summers and Franklin Richards respectively. United, they managed to beat Onslaught.

As Bishop realized the Gambit was not the traitor, as he had once thought, he decided to make up for his mistakes and work alongside him. At the same time, Bobby discoveded that his father had been beaten while trying to defend mutant rights, and decided that this life was too much for him now, and quit the team. Wolverine had devolved into a feral animal, and it was only with the help of Elektra did he manage to find himself once again. Cable realized that Cyclops was his father, and that he and Jean, as well as his missing sister Rachel, had raised him in the future.

With Onslaught beaten, Xavier gone to jail to pay for his crimes, and members leaving the fold, the X-Men needed to recruit newer memebers to continue the good fight - as it seemed to get deadlier with each day they lived.

This team of X-Men was led by Scott and Ororo, but functioned more as a team when in the field, will all members providing their input as most of them had served a long tenure with the team. However, with Jubilee gone to Generation X with Sean Cassidy, and Kwannon's death, and Logan moving to the Gold team to help out Scott more, this team needed more members. Along came Joseph and Maggot.

With Magneto believed dead after the fall of Avalon, Rogue was surprised to find a younger, amnesiac version of him in Europe. Having had a relationship with Erik Lehnsherr back when she was confused with the Ms.Marvel persona, she immediately decided to help the young man, as he no longer remember the life he once led, and could therefore be taught to walk a different path. At the same time, the real Magneto was alive, and sent a mutant known as Maggot to get rid of this imposter. However, after a battle with Psylocke, he repented and let Joseph go, and was allowed to join the team.

Rogue was having a hard time sorting out her feelings between Joseph and Remy, but the answer soon came to her in the form of an old villain. Sabretooth came back to the mansion to settle the score with Betsy, and killed her in battle. At the same time, he left subtle hints to Rogue about Remy's past with Mr.Sinister, when Sabretooth and Remy were both part of his Marauders. Warren and Logan left on a hunt to find a way to ressurrect Betsy, and managed to do so with the help of the Crimson Dawn. She was now able to shadow teleport, as well as have stronger psychic powers. When they returned, the truth about Remy's past was revealed.

During the mutant massacre of the Morlocks, Remy was one of Sinister's men who led the Marauders to the sewers to kill the mutants. Remy claimed that he did not know why he was going down there, and when he did, he tried to save as many Morlocks as he could. However, the damage was done. Warren especially, as it was during this massacre that his feathered wings were ruined and he was transformed into Archangel, had a hard time forgiving Remy, and abandoned him after a mission in Antarctica, refusing to let him stay with the X-Men.

Betsy faced one of her worst enemies yet, the Shadow King. She managed to shut him down on the astral plane, but at the same time, she shut down all psychic abilities worldwide. Any hero with psychic powers was now without them, until their minds healed over time. Betsy lost hers for good, for if she used them again, she ran the risk of letting the Shadow King free. After her recent death and resurrection, and the psi-war, Warren and Betsy decided to retire from the X-Men.

This team also helped out during the Onslaught crisis by helping the other heroes of the world stop the various attacks Onslaught was causing. However, since many of the heroes believed this to be Magneto's fault, they had trouble working with Joseph, and decided to fight him instead. Rogue had defend him against everyone else, especially Magneto's children, the twins Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch of the Avengers.

With Warren and Betsy gone, Xavier behind bars, and Remy wandering the world alone, the Blue Strike Force was no more.